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Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
Brand Name Company Name URL Country Founded Defunct
American Trains American Trains USA
AmericanMotorWerks ? USA
AMF87 ? France
AMM Unknown
Anbrico Anbrico Scale Models Great Britain
Andrepa André Siefert Germany
ANE Model ? Unknown
Aneste Aneste Spain
Anguplas Anguplas Spain
Aoshima Unknown
APM American Precision Models USA 2005-01
APM (PL) Unknown
Apocope ? France
Apollo Toys Unknown
Appelman Adri Appelman Unknown
Äppli M. Äppli Germany 1984-01
APS APS Politoys/Polistil Italy
APS Collection IMU Germany
ARI August Riedeler & Co German Democratic Republic
Aria Master Unknown
Arii Arii Models Japan
Aris ? Russia
Armbruster Werner Armbruster Germany
Armour87 ? Unknown
Arnecke Unknown
ArsenalM HO Military Depot / Thomas Fichtl Germany
Artapo Artapo Czech Republic
Artitec Artitec Unknown
Artmaster Unknown
Arwico Unknown
ASA 2000 Siekmann & Co. Germany 1986-01
ASB Hobby ASB Hobby USA
ASC ASC Aoshin Japan
Aster Model Unknown
Astretsovskaia ? Russia
Atelier Debelleyme Eric Decaix France
Athabasca Athabasca Scale Models Ltd. Canada
Athearn Horizon Hobby Inc. USA
Atlantic Atlantic Italy
Atlas Atlas USA
ATM Fermodel Fabio Dobran Italy
Audi ? Unknown
Auhagen ? Unknown
Aurora Aurora Plastics Corp. USA
Auscision Models ? Australia
Austrian Car Collection Unknown
Authenticast Comet Metal Products Co. Inc. USA
Auto Replicas BKL Developments Great Britain
Auto-Land Auto-Land Hamburg Germany 1986-01
AutoArt Unknown
Showing 51-100 of 1624 item(s)